Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou
Xander Zhou was born and raised in China. After studying fashion in the Netherlands, he established his label and studio in Beijing, where he quickly made a name for himself as a menswear designer. Xander Zhou has been part of London Collections: Men since its inception in 2012.

In his designs, Xander Zhou likes to explore the boundaries between form and function, as well as the unique qualities of the different fabrics he uses. He reconstructs classical forms by providing them with new contexts, occasionally blurring gender stereotypes in the process. His collections are usually inspired by youth subcultures, and combine simple elegance with streetwise attitude.

As from 2015, Xander Zhou is also Deputy Editor in Chief & Men's Fashion Director at T Magazine China.

Xander Zhou Studio
Jingyuan Image Base
Block 9E
3 Guangqu Road Beijing 100124, China


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