A. Sauvage

A. Sauvage
Adrien Sauvage is a young British man with a wealth of experience.

Born on May 30, 1983, Adrien's deep knowledge of menswear comes from creating the wardrobes for many international gentleman of great standing. First working with them as a stylist, Adrien soon moved into designing clothes for his clients when he realised their sartorial needs were not being met. From this, it was clear that a new proposition in menswear was in order.

Debuting this season, his brand A.Sauvage will work on the same principle, perfecting cut, concentrating on fit, and adding pieces to the range as season and need demands. Adrien Sauvage splits his time between Berlin and London, and has interest in art and the visual image that extends beyond the realm of fashion. Adrien Sauvage does exist.

Text: Charlie Porter (Deputy Editor of Fantastic Man)

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